MINISTERING: #Pastor Chris Osiberu
Why Must We Be Thankful?
1. God is always waiting for us to return to give thanks for His wondrous works.
– He is waiting for it, so that He can do more work in our lives. God waits for our thanksgiving more than our prayers. Isa. 51:11-13.
– God is waiting for your acknowledgment and appreciation.
– The earlier the thanksgiving, the better it is for you (don’t delay to give Him thanks).
– God has a list of those owing Him thanks and those who have given Him thanks. Luke 17:12-19.
– To immortalizes His visitation in your life. Exo. 28:9.
2. Life is not a right, but a gift. Psalm 3:5.
– No man can keep you alive, only God can keep you.
– Being alive is an opportunity of destiny. Jer. 1:5.
3. Eternal life is a gift, not an achievement. Rom. 6:23.
– The blood of Jesus doesn’t just clean asinner, it also cleans sin.
– God has paid all our debts.
– Eternal life is a gift and it is not just colorful, it also confuses our enemies.
4. Success and exploits are not achievement but engracement. John 15:5.
– If you are successful in what you do it is not your ability but the Grace of God. 1 Cor. 15:10.
5. Thanking God for what He has done for us, multiplies, preserves, and perfects our blessings.
– Stop comparing yourself with others.
6. Thanking God for His Word and things concerning us despite what may be happening around in our favour.
Virtues embedded in the mystery of Thanksgiving
1. Supernatural strength. Ps.92:10.
2. Fresh oil. Ps. 92:10.
3. Triumph in the battles of life. Ps.92:11.
4. Change of levels. Ps.92:12-14.
5. Fat and flourishing. Ps.92:14. q
6. Still bearing fruit in old age Ps. 92:14