Understanding The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit – 4A

MINISTERING: PST. DAVID BAMGBOYE INTRODUCTION: Our walk with God is a spiritual walk hence the reason why we need the Holy Spirit. THE SPIRIT OF SANCTIFICATION: The fulfillment of our destiny is a product of our walk of Holiness. WHAT IS SANCTIFICATION? 1. A state of being made Holy, cleansed from all impurities that can […]

Understanding The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit – 3A

MINISTERING: PASTOR CHRIS OSIBERU INTRODUCTION: The Holy Spirit is multi-faceted. Every believer must possess these Spirits to live effectively on the earth – Isa.11:1-2, Rev. 3:1 The Spirit of Love – 2 Tim. 1:6 The Holy spirit renders the believer help in the race of life. HE is an advantage in the life of a […]