Understanding The Covenant of Blessing

TEACHING SERIES: UNDERSTANDING THE COVENANT OF BLESSINGS.  MINISTERING: PASTOR CHRIS OSIBERU INTRODUCTION – A covenant can be defined as doing what must be done so as to commit God to do what He says. – A covenant is a term between 2 or more people – Gen 26:1-13, John 2:3-5. WHAT IS BLESSING IN THIS CONTEXT? […]

Is There No Balm In Gilead?– Jeremiah 8:19-22

MINISTERING: PASTOR LINUS ALIEHME TEACHING SERIES: IS THERE NO BALM IN GILEAD? – Jeremiah 8:19-22 INTRODUCTION: Everything needed for the perfect health of the believer has already been deposited and is contained in his or her salvation, and this is accessed via revelation. Our possession is tied to our revelation. Deut. 29:29, Jesus is the […]